1. Staff Room
The staff of NIS,Udaipur have well equipped staff rooms where all information pertaining to the proceedings of the day are displayed on the notice boards. The staff room is a vibrant resource center for teachers to plan activities and share ideas collaboratively.

2. Play Ground
NIS,Udaipur have a well maintained play ground in the campus, offering various indoor & outdoor games to the students. Each game/sport is taught under the coach ship of experts , while imbibing the habit of sportsman spirit.

3. Activity Hall
The activity hall is the multipurpose hall , where all the competitions, activities , yoga, children counselling session takes place.

4. Amphitheater Setup
For watching movies, informational videos , of any kind of smart class set up, the school is well versed with Projector/Screen/Sound system & trained teachers.

5. Transportation

  • 23 different vehicles(Auto/Van/Bus) to transport students from all over Udaipur.
  • Trained and experienced drivers and attendants are at service.
  • In case of emergency, special vehicles are available.
  • Transportation system is controlled and monitored by special officers who could help the parents.
  • Above facilities are provided at reasonable charges.

6. Methodology

  • Numericals are taught with specific objects.
  • Alphabets are taught phonetically.
  • Multimedia Programmes specially designed for children are often used.
  • Lessons are taught using different skills and methods.

7. Highlights
  • School class rooms are spacious and well ventilated
  • Outdoor games and indoor games are conducted.
  • Ample parking place available.
  • Teachers are creative and innovative
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Athletics
  • Art, dance, karate, abacus and yoga are compulsory
  • Homely and secure campus
  • Transportation from all over Udaipur
  • School has its well managed first aid facility

8. Focus On Maths & Science Teaching

  • Infusing a sense of excitement regarding the teaching of mathematics.
  • Bringing together mathematicians and other professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities for innovation.
  • Students are motivated to use this facility to learn the process of mathematics and science under the guidance of a specially trained faculty. This methodology is a part of the curriculum for all age groups.
  • Sharing good teaching practices and ideas.

9. Portable Swimming Pool for Kindergarten
For the junior kids, the kindergarten have a portable pool to organize pool parties as well as fun shows for the kids.

10. Remedial Classes
NIS takes special initiative of remedial classes for the poor & weak students to incorporate personalized coaching.

11. Computer Labs
  • Teaching and learning process have undergone a sea of change with web technology.
  • We have sufficient computers with internet connection.
  • Our young students are trying to become comfortable with it and can access global information under the guidance of teachers.